Anti-Coalition Broadband Ads Go International

If you want to get a big message across, sometimes you need a big stunt. That’s what the Labor Party has gone for in this new attack ad: they took a fake salesman all the way around the world to ask people what they thought of the Coalition NBN, and got nothing but laughter.

The Coalition broadband plan promises 25Mbps download speeds and roughly 4-6Mbps upload speeds by 2019 for a cost cheaper than the government’s alternative. The current NBN plan would see download speeds hold a minimum of 100Mbps in connected areas with upload speeds of 40Mbps also possible at a higher cost over a longer period of time.

For its new viral petition campaign, the Labor Party hired a fake sales-stooge to go around the world and sell a fictional product: Abbott Internet.

He offered people a connection speed of 25Mbps down by 2019 and at times told people the projected $5000 connection fee for a rolled-gold fibre connection. The reaction was laughter and derision across countries like Singapore, the Czech Republic and the US, where nobody in Times Square, New York wanted a bar of it.

All I can ask is just how much did this attack ad actually cost? [Abbott’s Internet]

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