HTC One Switch: Easily Bring Your Old Phone’s Files & Settings With You

Buying a new phone is often a complicated process. You’ve got hundreds of contacts, photos, videos, music and calendar entries on your old phone, and there’s usually no easy way to get them onto your new handset. If you buy an HTC One, One Mini, or other HTC handset, you can use HTC Switch to simplify the process.

HTC Switch lets you upgrade to a new HTC phone from any other Android phone, from an iPhone, or from a range of other Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones.

Switching from an iPhone is incredibly simple.

All you have to do is download the HTC Sync Manager software on your PC or Mac, and plug your iPhone in. The Sync Manager software asks you what files, contacts and other media you want to save. HTC’s software takes care of the rest, and tells you when it’s ready to transfer your data and settings to your new phone.

Even easier is switching from another Android device.

If you already have an Android phone and you’re switching to a HTC One or HTC One mini, you can just install the HTC Transfer Tool app from the Google Play Store.

With the app installed on both phones, you follow a simple pairing process to connect the two over Wi-Fi. Follow the instructions in the app to select what you want to transfer — contacts, messages, calendar appointments, and so on — then hit the button to migrate your settings to your new HTC phone quickly and easily.

If you’ve got an older or non-Android or iOS phone, you can still transfer some or most of your data to your new HTC One or HTC One mini. HTC’s Setup app lets you connect an older phone over Bluetooth and transfer its data, with instructions tailored to the existing handset you’re using.

HTC Switch isn’t just about getting settings and data from your old phone, though. It helps you set up your new HTC phone with a personalised wallpaper and ringtone, configure your email account, and find new apps you might be interested in.

HTC Switch makes sure your phone’s configuration and new data is safe from any accidents, by enabling an optional daily backup service that syncs your new HTC phone with Dropbox over Wi-Fi. Once you’ve got your new phone set up with HTC Switch, you won’t have to do it ever again — it’s as simple as set and forget.

Learn how HTC Switch makes upgrading to the HTC One and HTC One mini easy at
HTC Australia’s website.

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