HTC Video Highlights: Create And Share Short Movies From Your Photos

If you’re out at a party, enjoying lunch with friends, or spending some quality time with your kids, using your phone camera to keep a record is a great idea. Now the Video Highlights feature on the HTC One and new HTC One mini brings all your photos and videos from an event together in one place, making it easy to share your life with whoever you want.

Video Highlights works in the background, so no setup or effort is required. Whenever you take photos or record video, Video Highlights automatically makes a short video, collating your images and recordings into a highlight reel that’s easy to share and easy to show friends.

Whenever you want to see a Video Highlight, all you have to do is open the photo gallery app. Select the Events option, and you’ll see a list of your photos sorted by time, date and location. Click on any one of these events, and you’re presented with those photo and video files.

Up the top of any event is HTC’s Video Highlight — it automatically plays, giving you a 30-second overview of the photos and videos that you’ve captured. It adds transition effects and movement to make your photos come to life, and snippets of video are included too.

If you want to look more closely at the Video Highlight, or if you want to share the event with others, you can tap the play button and the video is shown in full screen. Perfect for passing between friends or showing to a group.

You’re able to select any one of twelve video themes, adding amazing visual effects, fades, tailored transitions and appropriate background music. Give your events a party vibe with the Vega highlight filter, share holiday memories with the breezy Islandia effect, or add a dark and foreboding feel with Gotham. With the new HTC One mini, you can even choose your favourite soundtrack from your personal music library!

Music is played through the HTC One and HTC One mini’s brilliantly clear BoomSound stereo speakers, making Video Highlights equally great for sharing with a small or large group of friends.

Of course, once you’ve selected an appropriate feel for your Video Highlight, you can save it for later viewing, share it using HTC Share, or send it to any social network or service that you like. You can also re-shuffle the order of photos and video snippets within any Video Highlight if the automatic mix isn’t to your liking, or add in a new combination of photos.

Video Highlights lets you bring your memories together and store them in one place, making it easy to share your life with friends on your phone or online via social media.

Learn more about Video Highlights on the HTC One and HTC One mini at
HTC Australia’s website.

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