Auld Lang Syne Isn’t Always Lame

This morning I decided that I was going to write a Giz post called “Here’s the Deal with Auld Lang Syne.” And then “What’s the Deal with Auld Lang Syne?” went up on Huffington Post. So cool. Go there for your 1788 Scottish poetry/music lesson. But if you want to hear this weird song that’s so synonymous with new years eve celebrations get a makeover, stay here and listen through some of my picks for best cover.

It’s a song we all know, even if we don’t really know it, so we might as well embrace it. And there are some good versions. Post favourites that I missed in the comments.

This New Years preview is pretty fitting, because it’s my last post as your faithful Sunday peon. We won’t enjoy any Sundays together in 2014. But we shared quite a few in 2013 (aka all of them), and it was an incredibly swell time. The internet is quite a backwater on Sundays, but we pushed through. Wishing you all the good things in 2014!

Andrew Bird

The Glenn Miller Orchestra

The Lonesome Travellers

Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band