Meet Booodl: The New Aussie-Made Social Network Of Things


Forget filling your social network with people. Meet Booodl. They want you to fill your online world with things instead. Pretty, pretty things.

The concept of Booodl is simple: an infinitely scrolling page of things that you might want to add to your collection. Whether you actually own them, want them or just love them, you can add specific items to your “card” deck to show off your wish list or unique collection of stuff for the world (or just your friends) to see.

The UI lets you scroll infinitely in any direction, rather than just up and down, to see as many cards as your brain can handle. It’s a nifty little way to scroll that really helps you see all the content at once without fatiguing from scrolling down so much.

The whole social network is based on the concept of collecting stuff. Everyone has an offline collection: you’ve got a wardrobe full of clothes you collect that match your personal style; a pocketful of gadgets you like; a camera collection perhaps; maybe even a shoe collection. Anything you collect, you can store and show off online with Booodl.

One user has a collection of rare vinyl of which he takes photos and uploads. That’s to go along with the rare concert memorabilia he has in a collection worth thousands of dollars, for example.

The whole social network is designed to let you show off what you love, or what you want, to the world.

Booodl was founded in Sydney in late-2012 and has since gone on to raise $2.8 million in seed funding. The site had a small public beta a few months ago, but is now live for all to see and use.

The social network also has hooks into e-commerce sites, so online stores can list stuff for sale in their collections, and provide you a deep link into a purchase page so you can beef up your real world fashion collection by looking at the collections of other stores or even other people. It’s like Pintrest meets online shopping. [Booodl]

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