AnkiDRIVE Will ‘Definitely’ Come To Australia

Cast your mind back. Way back. Well, as way back as last year’s World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC), where Apple brought a cool little start-up on-stage by the name of Anki to show off the AnkiDRIVE. It’s a totally awesome little product that’s live on shelves in the US, but you can’t buy it. Here’s why the AnkiDRIVE isn’t on Australian shelves just yet.

If you forgot what AnkiDRIVE is, watch the video above. Basically, it’s an incredibly clever toy car game that uses learning robots to race around the track and shoot at eachother.

We caught up with the folks from Anki at CES 2014 and asked them — after a few games racing around the track shooting other people — why it isn’t in Australia just yet.

The simple answer? Power.

Right now the AnkiDRIVE game doesn’t have the right plugs for Australia, plus it’s still going through the certification process to get a product onto local shelves.

The Anki folks assured us that it “definitely will” come to Australia, they just don’t know exactly when.

In the meantime if you’re desperate for AnkiDRIVE, you can buy it internationally, import it and download the app required to play from the Australian App Store. Until then, that’s your only hope.

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