Watch Taranis, BAE’s Advanced (And Beautiful) Stealth Aircraft, Take Flight

It looks like BAE Systems has, for the most part, finished tinkering with its “Taranis” stealth drone. Getting into the air doesn’t seem to be an issue, as the video here shows, the real question is was this flight — the craft’s first — carried out in South Australia?

The clip’s description says the maiden flight was carried out at an “undisclosed location” in August 2013, though we heard early last year that BAE was planning to trial the drone in South Australia — specifically a RAAF facility in Woomera.

Whether or not the footage was indeed captured in our backyard? You’ll have to (discreetly) ask BAE. For now, watch it being as sleek as heck or, if you’re interested in buying the thing, then this promotional video might help loosen your (physics-defyingly large) wallet:

[YouTube, via Reddit]