Queensland Man Sues Apple, Claims He Invented CarPlay Features First

It’s never fun having your ideas stolen, as Apple can certainly attest to. The multinational gadget giant is taking Samsung to court right now for just that (alleged) crime. A Queensland man shares the sentiment too now, alleging that Apple stole his idea for a device that shuts off a phone in the car to prevent distracted driving.

According to the Sunshine Coast Daily, Queensland man Tony Magrathea is looking for a lawyer to sue Apple.

His idea? A system that links the ignition state of a car to a phone, as well as a system that records road noise. Those systems would work together to shut off the phone and make the driver unable to call or text while the vehicle was in motion.

Magrathea reportedly sent hundreds of letters about his plan to various news outlets and posted it to social networks. It’s on Facebook that he’s claiming Apple saw it and “stole it” for integration into the new CarPlay system.

He says he’s reached out to Apple locally with no response, and he’s now seeking a lawyer for what’s going to be he fight of his life, surely.

Apple had no comment when we reached out. [Sunshine Coast Daily]

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