This Movie About Hackers Is Free For 24 Hours Before It Disappears

The new film Algorithm tracks the travails of Will, a freelance computer hacker who “breaks into a top-secret government contractor and downloads all their recently developed programs”. Like the subjects it tackles, the film has a tech-forward business model that make it more like a startup than a cinematic feature: It’s free today only.

That’s right, the film is free to watch on Vimeo right now, during this 24-hour period on July 14/15 (maybe something to do with Bastille Day?) and then will disappear. Two weeks later, it will available as streaming video, for sale via the website. There will be HD downloads, DVD and Blu-ray sales, and, finally, if the audience demonstrates enough demand, then they will do a theatre run. The idea is that the film is allows everyone who worked on it to participate in its success with a profit-share agreement. You can even donate to the film after you watch it, if you’re feeling generous.

Of course, we haven’t seen Algorithm yet so we have absolutely no idea if it’s good. But since it’s free for the taking for another few hours, what do you have to lose? Let’s just hope it doesn’t fall victim to the stereotypes found in most Hollywood hacker portrayals. Or at least the bare minimum necessary to not be boring. CRASH OVERRIDE. [Algorithm]