One Queensland Speed Camera Earned $150,000 On Its First Day

One motorist speeds along Heeb Street in Ashmore every 30 seconds, leading to a record tally of fines in a single day.

The debate around speed cameras is one that seems to endlessly rotate around an axis of accident prevention and/or revenue raising depending on where you sit on that particular argument.

If the example of a newly installed speed camera on the Gold Coast is any indication, we’re still a nation that loves putting the pedal to the metal.

After years of complaints from local residents about people speeding down Heeb Street in Ashmore, Queensland, an area with a posted 50kph speed limit, police installed a new camera according to The Gold Coast Bulletin.

Records indicate it was and is a speeding hotspot, with motorists clocked along the residential street doing 120kph in an effort to cut their travel times between Surfers Paradise and Bundall. According to one comment on the story, the speed camera is clearly marked and visible while driving.

Within its first day, the automated camera nabbed more than 1,000 speeding drivers, or two every single minute, leading to $150,000 worth of fines. That’s simply staggering on just about every level, although I can’t see it settling the debate around revenue raising any time soon. Hopefully, though, it might encourage folks on the Gold Coast to slow down just a little bit.

[Gold Coast Bulletin]

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