Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman Put Gorilla Glass To The Test

Businesses have to advertise their products and while no one appreciates being pitched to, there are good ways of going about it and… well, not so good ways. Corning has managed to put together are more appealing method of selling its super-tough and scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass by recruiting Mythbusters pair Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman to show off the qualities of its transparent aluminium (at least, that’s what Montgomery Scott would call it).

The demo comes in two parts, which combined amount to some 20 minutes of video. The first clip is a history lesson on glass, combined with a bit of a primer on different types of materials and their reactions to being dropped (or having things dropped on them). Hyneman plays the role of explainer here, with Savage acting the mostly clueless foil.

In the second video their positions are reversed, with Hyneman playing a less-intelligent version of himself so Savage can answer his common-sense questions in his usual animated fashion.

Is it a glorified advertisement for all things Corning? Of course it is. That doesn’t make watching a Prince Rupert’s Drop exploding in slow motion any less awesome.

First video can be found above and the second below:

[YouTube, via TechAU]

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