The News Of The Future Lets You See What You Want

World news service Reuters is launching an app, ReutersTV, that will tailor itself to your liking across multiple factors. Don’t like the facts? Choose different facts!

It’s the sort of thing social networks have been doing for a while now, of course. Tailoring content so you see what you want to see (and sometimes what they want you to see) is pretty much web 2.0 in a nutshell, and Reuters’ operation is so massive, it has the ability to do that with its own glut of content.

Subscribers will not only be able to tailor content to their interests and location, they can also decide how in-depth their coverage is. With short, medium, and long versions of videos, it’s possible to select the TL;DR box and get up to speed a lot more quickly.

In fact, if you don’t like one set of news or opinions, you can probably find another set that supports your worldview within the same network. Much like you would eschew news of one football team in favour of another, you’ll be able to eat at the buffet of news and commentators, and take your plate back to your comfy bubble.

To illustrate, here’s a not-that-helpful video with lots of people watching news on their phones, narrated with a loose collection of words:

You can expect ReutersTV on iOS in January for $US2 per month, and Managing Director Isaac Showman says advertising on the service will be fractional in comparison.


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