This McLaren 650S Is Sporting The Dashboard Of The Future

Kenwood has taken a McLaren 650S and filled it to the doors with future, and it looks incredible.

Kenwood’s new dashboard concept has seen the car audio company strip the gorgeous 650S down to its carpets and completely replace the instrument cluster, console screen and other buttons with an array of screens, cameras and tablets.

The central idea is that everything you need is projected in front of the driver, with all the relevant information from the mirrors, screens and instruments being placed within a 45-degree wedge of vision.

The traditional speedometer has been replaced by a 10-inch TFT screen which shows anything from RPM through to speed and even navigation and entertainment information.

Above that is a series of three screens that are fed by cameras mounted around the car. There’s no rearview mirror or side mirrors on Kenwood’s McLaren 650S. Instead, there are cameras on the aerodynamic wings, as well as two cameras up front, two underneath and two on the back. Those front, back and rear cameras are particularly handy: you run a risk with a car this low that you’ll catch it on a gutter or a pebble and injure it at great personal expense.


Those cameras also allow for night vision to see what’s ahead of you, as well as a cumulative top-down view of the car when you try to park it.

Finally, the Christmas tree of screens is topped off with a 6-inch head-up display that shows you your speed and other relevant information.

The screens change based on the mode the driver’s in, be it road, sport or track.


Kenwood haven’t said they’ll ship this exact system in future, rather it’s something they’ve built as a proof-of-concept to show what they’re working on. Now all you need is a McLaren 650S to put it in.

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