Bank-Slaying, Gold-Plated Samsung Galaxy S6 Is Very Shiny

For most, extravagance in mobile phones is opting for the 64GB or 128GB version of your favourite model and buying a fancy carbon-fibre case for it. Mention this to the one per cent however, and they’ll laugh at you while imbibing the best in ensorcelled wines and smoking unicorn-scented tobacco from pipes fashioned of wood sourced from Neptune. Oh, and a few of them will be making calls on one of these 24-karat gold Samsung Galaxy S6s.

While the other items mentioned in the paragraph above a completely made up, that last one is not. A company in the UK by the name of Goldgenie specialises in taking regular gadgets and reforging them with precious metals. Ahead of the 10 April launch of the S6 in the UK, Goldgenie is offering gold, platinum and rose gold shelled versions of Samsung’s flagship handset, though as you might expect, they are rather expensive.

Prices start at £1664 (not including VAT). That’s about $3200 Australian. You also have to place a 50 per cent deposit to secure your pre-order. Mercifully, shipping is free.

You also get the above cherry oak-finished box, which Goldgenie describes as “luxury”. Indeed.

I had to have a chuckle at the below paragraph in the company’s press release:

Goldgenie’s customised Galaxy S6 makes the perfect gift for the Samsung aficionado or for anyone considering converting to Android or updating their current model.

Emphasis mine. Fingers crossed said person actually enjoys the switch from their current device / platform… that’s a lot to shell out in the hopes of a conversion.


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