The NBN Now Reaches One Million Homes

The NBN has had a bit of a troubled life, but it’s getting there. Who has it so far, and what do you use your high speed connection for?

The report states that it has reached serviceable premises though, so it doesn’t mean there are actually 1 million people using the NBN.

It can’t come soon enough, with Netflix showing us how bad our internet really is.

The NBN also has a new ad to keep you up to date about their recent rebranding.

The NBN has also been testing faster speeds over fixed wireless.

Fortunately we don’t have a monkey problem here in Australia, since they seem to love eating optic fibre cables. Has anyone tested it with kangaroos?

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Annoyingly, I am almost one of those 1 million, but not quite. I have the fibre sitting on the side of my house, but am still waiting impatiently for it to get hooked up at the other end, so I can actually sign up.

So who is currently using the NBN?

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