Amaysim Buys Fellow Budget Telco Vaya: Here Are The Low-Cost Deals On Offer

Aussie telco amaysim today announced it has purchased the 100 per cent online virtual network operator Vaya. Both known for their budget-concious deals, amaysim intends to continue to operate the two brands separately.

News of the purchase saw amaysim shares leap by 20 percent.

Amaysim intends to utilise Vaya’s Phillipines service centre “to create an overflow capacity for amaysim and to fast track platform, web and app development.”

Vaya caters for the $18-$45 market, while amaysim’s deals are focused on the $25-$50 range.

So What Do Vaya Offer?

Network: Optus 4G
Cost Per Month: $18 to $44
Talk Time Value: $650 to Unlimited
Included Data: 1.5GB to 6GB
Data Rate: $10 (excess per GB)
Call Rate: 99c (per 60 sec) to included
Flag Fall: 35c to included
Standard 2 Minute Call: $2.33 to included
SMS Rate: Unlimited
MMS Rate: 55c to unlimited
International SMS Rate: 40c
International MMS Rate: 75c
International Call Rates
Term: 1 Month
Here’s some more detailed information
The higher end deals also offer internet tethering and voicemail.

What About Amaysim?

Network: Optus 4G
Cost Per Month: $24.90 to $49.90
Talk Time Value: Unlimited
Included Data: 1GB to 8GB
Data Rate: $9.90 (excess per GB)
Call Rate: Included
Flag Fall: Included
Standard 2 Minute Call: Included
SMS Rate: Unlimited
MMS Rate: Unlimited
International SMS Rate: Unlimited to 32 countries
International MMS Rate: Unlimited to 32 countires
International Call Rates
Term: 1 Month
More details can be foundhere

I’ve been with amaysim for a little over a year now, and have nothing but praise for the value for money and quality of service. That being said, I live and work in a major city.

Have you been a customer of amaysim or Vaya? What has been your experience?

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