AMD Drops Radeon R9 Nano Price To $849

AMD’s Radeon R9 Nano was the most interesting card in the company’s most recent graphics refresh — not because it was the most powerful (that’d be the watercooled R9 Fury X), but because it was the most efficient, and used its power in a tiny footprint that would fit a Mini ITX motherboard. Now, it’s had a pretty significant price cut in Australia.

Dropping from its original $1099 manufacturer recommended price, which was significantly higher in the real world after companies like XFX made their own iterations and retailers like PC Case Gear added their own middleman handling and shipping fees, the new official price for the R9 Nano is $849. We’re still seeing the original $1100-plus price tags all around the ‘net, but some retailers have reacted; Mwave, for example, has a Sapphire card priced at $799.

$849 is a much more reasonable price for the Nano. It’s still a long way off the card’s new US RRP of US$499 (approximately AU$709), but it’s more in the ballpark for the R9 Nano’s mid- to high-end performance level versus Nvidia’s GTX 980 and 980 Ti — especially in the 4K and above-4K resolutions where AMD is currently dominating, especially when it comes to DirectX 12 performance. Until AMD’s Polaris and Nvidia’s Pascal next-generation cards come out in the second half of this year, the R9 Nano is still one of my favourite GPUs. [AMD]

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