The Gizmodo Guide To Finding Your Democracy Sausage On Election Day

If there’s anything that can lure Australians away from the couch on a Saturday to help determine the future of our country it is the promise of delicious meats, and sweet treats. This year, there are more than a couple of options to help you find the onion-optional sanga or heavenly frosted cupcake of your election day dreams, so we’ve put together a round-up.

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To use twitter’s service, you’ll need to send a tweet to @AusPolling, including the #AusVotes hashtag and asking where to vote. “@AusPolling where’s my nearest #AusVotes polling point?” works fine. Make sure you have location services turned on, obviously, or you won’t have any luck finding your nearest polling booth.

You’ll get a reply showing you not only your closest polling booth, but if they have the tasty sausage (and cake!) treats you seek.

Twitter is also appealing for help to improve the number and quality of polling locations on its database. If you are running or know of a polling station near you that is hosting a BBQ or cake stall on election day, you can add details on the Twitter blog.


The original, and arguably still the best — is set up by the very official Council of Australian Sausage. The site takes data from Twitter and Facebook, keeping an eye on posts using the #DemocracySausage hashtag as well as information from CartoDB, Polymer, AEC polling places and state electoral commissions to create an interactive map of where to get your goodies.



Snagvotes’ underlying objective is to celebrate our democracy, encourage participation in the democratic process and offer support for community groups and volunteers that run sausage sizzles and stalls on election day, pointing out it is an important means of fundraising. The website provides maps for state and federal elections.


Booth Reviews

Booth reviews offers something a little different./ Rather than just telling you where you can find a sausage sizzle or cake stall, it collects reviews from polling booths focusing on the atmosphere of the locations — “the sausage sizzles, the lamingtons, the candidates, the vibe”. A handy searchable shows you the locations and past reviews, such as “Not much going on, no stalls, no band, no raffles. No queues though which is nice.”

How do you choose your polling booth? Is it whatever is closest, or would you travel further for the perfect sausage sandwich or tasty cake? Is there another way you find the best polling booth that we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments!

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