10 Father’s Day Gadgets To Help Dad Lose Weight

Fathers Day isn’t too far away, so you’d better start thinking of a good present. Luckily, we’ve put together a few high-tech lists to help you out. If your Dad is a bit of a healthy living fan, here are 10 fitness gadgets that you can help him lose weight with.

Get fit in style with Fitbit Blaze — a smart fitness watch designed to help you maximise every workout and every day. Use fitness features like PurePulse continuous heart rate, multi-sport tracking, Connected GPS and FitStar on your wrist.

Cygnett ChargeUp 6K USB Battery Pack

If you want your Dad to get fit, he has to actually get outside in the first place. And, these days, the best companion for anyone wanting to get off the couch and out into the real world is a smartphone — but smartphones need battery power. Especially if you’re tracking your fitness using a GPS-enabled smartphone app, you’ll need extra battery power, and an external USB power bank like the Cygnett ChargeUp 6K — which has its own microUSB cable integrated — is the only way to get that on the go.


Soylent Meal-Replacement Drink

Part of getting fit is watching your caloric intake. You might have heard the adage that fitness is 90 per cent diet and 10 per cent exercise — and if you’re eating pizzas all weekend, no amount of HIIT is going to get rid of that beer gut. A calorie-controlled diet means you know exactly what you’re taking in and what you have to put out to operate at a net caloric loss; that’s where a high-tech product like Soylent comes in. It has all the vitamins and minerals you need, but gives you a precise idea of how many calories you’re consuming.


PocJox Compression Shorts

Along the same lines as having a USB power bank handy, there’s nothing more annoying than being outside and having to carry your phone in your hand, or in a pocket. Especially when your Dad is out and running, having a pair of compression shorts with an integrated pocket — or two — can be a godsend. We gave PocJox’s compression shorts a pretty solid test on the City 2 Surf and they more than held up to the challenge — consider them highly recommended.


Fitbit Blaze

If you want your Dad to lose weight and get fit, along with diet, the most important thing he can do is to exercise — and exercise consistently. Being active daily overcomes a massive hurdle to weight loss, and the Fitbit Blaze not only tracks daily step count and monitors constantly for any exercise — everything from running to cycling to weights — but it’ll even provide workout summaries and track sleep in the background, giving your Dad a more holistic idea of his fitness overall.


Jabra Sport Pace

The Jabra Sport Pulse is a workout-friendly pair of earphones, with IP54 water, dust and sweat resistance that means your Dad will be able to wear them even while exercising out in the rain. The over-the-ear design that the Sport Pulse uses is one of the most comfortable for extended wear during heavy activity, so you can rest assured that they won’t go flying. Plus, they’re wireless, so your Dad doesn’t even need to connect his phone to them when he’s out getting fit.


Samsung Gear Fit2

If your Dad has an Android smartphone — and ideally a Samsung phone — then the Gear Fit2 is a great Father’s Day fitness gadget that tracks steps and also acts as a smartwatch to show notifications and tell the time throughout the day. You can customise watchfaces and choose from different wristbands to get the right fit and colour, and it’ll track all your Dad’s activities using GPS and an inbuilt step-tracker to intelligently determine what he’s doing.


Plantronics BackBeat Fit

Another high quality pair of exercise earphones that connect wirelessly to your Dad’s iPhone or Android phone, the Plantronics BackBeat Fit will stand up to the harshest fitness routine — sweat or dirt or dust inclusive. Battery life is more than long enough for a concerted workout, too, and the BackBeat Fit actually makes your music or podcasts sound pretty great at the same time. That combo is rare for sports headphones, so we think your Dad will be impressed with this particular purchase. The carry case doubles as an armband for his phone, too.


Fitbit Aria

Tracking steps is the first step — pardon the pun — for your Dad to quantify his activity and improve his fitness, but at the end of the day a lot of us judge our fitness by its relation to weight. A wireless, internet-connected scale like the Fitbit Aria can track the user’s weight every time it’s tested, and share that data through the entire Fitbit ecosystem, giving a fuller picture of your Dad’s fitness profile. It’s ridiculously simple to use on its own or with other fitness gadgets, too.


Samsung Gear IconX

If you want small and discreet earbuds for exercise, you can’t get much smaller or less bulky than Samsung’s new Gear IconX earbuds. The IconX stores enough power in each of its wireless, ear-sized buds for around 90 minutes of audio playback, which should suit most exercise sessions. You can’t overstate how useful it is to not have cords hanging from your ears — and the IconX will charge as soon as you store them back in their carry case for next time.


Corratec Active Nexus

You might have guessed that we really like electric bikes here at Gizmodo. At the cost of a little added weight on top of your regular geared road or mountain bike, you get electric assistance for hills and low-speed acceleration, turning a possibly tiring commute or weekend ride into a hoot. One of our favourite e-bikes so far has been the Corratec range from Bosch, which are incredibly well built. Sure, it’s a pretty expensive Fathers Day gift, but you’ve only got one Dad.


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