Fitmodo: Australia’s Outdated Abortion Laws Are Putting Women And Children At Risk

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This week:

Australian Scientists Are Making An Atomic-Scale MRI Machine

Researchers at the University of Melbourne have developed a way to radically miniaturise a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine using atomic-scale quantum computer technology.

Capable of imaging the structure of a single bio-molecule, the new system would overcome significant technological challenges and provide an important new tool for biotechnology and drug discovery.

Australian Abortion Laws Are Outdated And Must Change

Outdated abortion laws in New South Wales and Queensland are jeopardising the independence of doctors and causing undue emotional distress to patients — and doctors are speaking out for reform.

While instances of case law offer legal precedents, abortion in NSW and Queensland remains a criminal offence, which means a doctor who provides the termination, those who assist, and the woman herself, may be prosecuted under the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW) or the Criminal Code Act 1899 (Qld).

British Man May Be The First Person Cured Of HIV

A 44-year-old man in England is possibly the first person in history to be cured of HIV. Scientists working on an experimental new therapy say that the virus is now completely undetectable in his blood.

A team gathered from five UK universities is currently conducting trials on 50 people. Mark Samuels, managing director of the National Institute for Health Research Office for Clinical Research Infrastructure, told The Sunday Times, “We are exploring the real possibility of curing HIV. This is a huge challenge and it’s still early days but the progress has been remarkable.”

Sick Woman Had Two Giant Hairballs In Her Stomach

A 38 year old woman just had two giant hairballs removed from her stomach. Not one hairball. Two hairballs. Hairballs plural.

The extremely rare (only 88 people have ever had it) condition is called Rapunzel syndrome, and means the body of the hairball lies in the stomach, with its tail extending to the intestines. Its tail.

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