Five Cool Things You Can Do With Your Nerf Blasters

It’s Nerf Week here at Gizmodo! Every day we’ll be bringing you some awesome Nerf content to satiate your blaster love.

So now that you’re locked and loaded and have a box full of spare darts ready — this is exactly how you should put them to good use.

Welcome to Gizmodo’s Nerf Week! We’re celebrating everything Nerf, from innovation, to history to the awesome blasters you can get right now. It’s time to lock and load.

Build A Nerf-Powered Alarm Clock

An alarm clock that can only be silenced with a direct hit from a Nerf blaster. No, really.

Guichet’s high-tech contraption actually uses an Arduino programmable microcontroller to accept the input from the Nerf dart’s hit, so it’s also probably the most over-engineered clock in existence. Plus it’s built to take punishment from a Nerf blaster, so it’s sturdy.

Paint Your Nerf Blaster In A Cool Colour Scheme

Mythbusters’ Adam Savage gave the ultimate Secret Santa present to one of his fans last Christmas — a fully repainted Nerf blaster complete with fold-out bipod and scope add-ons.

The Longstrike CS-6 is one of Nerf’s longest blasters, Nerf doesn’t condone the modding of its toys, but since this is purely visual — and it looks really awesome, as well as including that mandatory bright orange tip that all Nerf blasters need — we’ll allow it.

Try Some Trick Shots Outdoors


Where To Buy

If you’ve got yourself a Nerf blaster, you may as well fire off some darts. Why not make your targets a little more interesting?

If you’re looking for some trick shots, it’s hard to go past the (slightly bro-y) guys at Dude Perfect. Jumping through mid-air and blasting a target, or skipping a Nerf dart off water to land it in a fishbowl, or unleashing Nerf fury on a moving drone: they do it all.

Recreate Your Favourite Video Game

What could be better than playing an FPS in the comfort of your own home? Getting out and making your own, obviously.

With a dash of inspiration from your favourite game, rig up a couple of cameras and try some homemade role play. Take this Overwatch recreation as evidence of just how cool it could be.

Join In A Nerf Battle

When you’ve got a fully packed arsenal of the latest Nerf blasters, there’s nothing better than showing them off and putting them to good use with some similarly like-minded individuals.

In Australia, there are small-scale Nerf battles happening all the time. The biggest, though, is Zedtown — and there’s a brand new Zedtown event happening this year. We’ll be there, blasting zombies until we run out of darts and courage — so come play with us!

[referenced url=”” thumb=”×231.jpg” title=”Zedtown Is Bringing Its Huge Zombie Nerf War Back To Sydney And Melbourne” excerpt=”Do you like zombies? Do you like Nerf blasters? Do you like shooting zombies with Nerf blasters? You’ll love Zedtown — a giant game of Nerf tag where players try to survive for four hours against growing hoards of zombies, without becoming one themselves.”]

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