Human Beings Are Amazing

The speed climbing record was broken over the weekend.

Here’s a good chance to marvel at the human body and what it’s capable of.

Holy. Goddamn. Shit.

The new record holder is Reza Alipourshena who set the new record in Nanjing at a climbing World Cup. This is ridiculous. Please watch with the amazement it deserves.

Also, as someone who is super into rock climbing, please allow me to provide some perspective and insight.

First, a common misconception — speed climbers are being pulled up by the rope. That’s simply not true. They are propelling themselves of their own volition. 100%. So let’s get that misconception out of the way.

Secondly, the speed climbing route is not random. It’s a preset climb and it never changes. The type of holds, the distance between them, the angle — it never changes.

Thirdly, the speed climbing route is not easy. It’s actually very difficult. A lot of climbing gyms have the speed climbing route pre-set. Next time you decide to go climbing, I recommend giving it a try. You might struggle to make a single move on the route — it’s no joke. These insane people just make it look easy.

Human beings are amazing.