Zombie Blockbuster 28 Years Later Will Have Serious Star Power

Zombie Blockbuster 28 Years Later Will Have Serious Star Power

Director Danny Boyle and writer Alex Garland are not screwing around when it comes to their upcoming zombie film, 28 Years Later. Jodie Comer, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Ralph Fiennes are the first three actors who’ve joined the film, a follow-up to the cult classics 28 Weeks Later and 28 Days Later.

Deadline broke the news of the casting but there’s no word on who anyone is playing or what the movie is even about. Still, casting three recognizable, famous actors is a marked change from the first two films, which went with relatively (at least at the time) unknowns. Cillian Murphy is also rumored to be returning.

The prestige casting probably has something to do with the fact Garland and Boyle see this new movie as the start of a zombie trilogy, one that already has director Nia DaCosta in line to direct part two. “That was key to the idea, was it was a story that couldn’t naturally fit in one film,” Garland told io9 recently. “And there was a possibility—which we may not have the opportunity to do—but to do a proper trilogy. Not a sequence of sequels that are effectively replaying the first thing just in slightly different forms, but an actual true narrative … And that depends on really whether people want to see future ones after we’ve made it.”

Well, if this is the level of actor we’re going for in a big, studio zombie movie, we have to imagine we’ll get those sequels too.

We’ll keep an eye on everything 28 Years Later in the days, months, weeks, and years to go.

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