Star Wars: The Acolyte Gets Rave First Reactions

Star Wars: The Acolyte Gets Rave First Reactions

Live-action Star Wars is back in a big, big way. Thursday night, Lucasfilm and Disney held their big premiere for Star Wars: The Acolyte, the latest Disney+ show set in a galaxy far, far away and, so far, it sounds like people really, really like it.

io9 was lucky enough to snag a seat at the Los Angeles event and watch the first two episodes of the eight-episode series. And, well, we loved it. While pretty much every Star Wars movie or show that’s come out since 1977 has required some knowledge of previous characters or lore, all The Acolyte requires you to know is it’s Star Wars. Know the Force? Know the Jedi? Great, you’re ready to rock.

Beyond that, you’re presented with a very simple, very accessible, character-driven almost crime procedural about a Jedi Master (Lee Jung-jae) who tracks down his old apprentice (Amandla Stenberg) because she may, or may not, have murdered a fellow Jedi. No one is good, no one is bad, anyone can live, anyone can die, it’s just a cool story anyone can jump right into. There’s obviously much, much more than that but that’s the basic episode one set up.

Below, read a slew of early reactions to the show from press and influencers and discover the world for yourself on June 4 when The Acolyte debuts on Disney+.













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