• Can The Creative Industry Ever Mesh With The Pirates?

    AFACT’s loss in the high court on Friday brought to an end the current legal woes for iiNet, but it’s far from the end of the story. In the press conference held afterwards, iiNet’s Michael Malone repeatedly pressed home the point that a lot of the problems would go away if Australian content delivery mechanisms…

  • High Court Dismisses AFACT Appeal

    AFACT was never going to lie down quietly over its two consecutive court losses to iiNet over Internet piracy , and the result has just been handed down for its High Court appeal; AFACT’s appeal has been dismissed. Update: AFACT is now calling on the Government to take up the copyright fight.

  • AFACT Still Pressuring Aussie ISPs To Be Copyright Cops

    Here we go again. Now that three of the biggest US telcos have signed up to the six-strikes-and-you’re-out rule, the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (the Hollywood stooges who lost in court against iiNet) are demanding that Aussie ISPs start negotiating for tougher penalties against pirates. They’ve given local ISPs, including Telstra, until the end…