• New U.S. Poll About Vaccines Is A Huge Bummer

    New U.S. Poll About Vaccines Is A Huge Bummer

    Many Americans have lost faith in the importance of vaccines over the past two decades, while more than half are unsure or wrongly believe that they can cause autism. At least, those are the somber conclusions of a new Gallup poll released Tuesday. Even worse is that parents of children under 18 have grown more…

  • This Dummy Got Chickenpox

    This Dummy Got Chickenpox

    See this dummy? Imagine him covered in scabby blisters. That’s probably what he looked like the last few days, as he was recently infected with chickenpox. He got the infection because he refused to get the chickenpox vaccinations. That’s particularly poetic because when the local health department banned him from attending school because he was…