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  • Trump Tells Supporters to Commit Felony by Voting Twice

    Trump Tells Supporters to Commit Felony by Voting Twice

    U.S. President Donald Trump, a white supremacist who frequently spreads pro-fascist disinformation, told his supporters on Wednesday to vote twice — once with an absentee mail-in ballot and again at a polling station. Trump implied that attempting to vote twice was just a way to test how secure the mail-in voting system will be during…

  • Australian Data Retention Plan Swept Under The Rug…For Now [Updated]

    The Joint Parliamentary Committee on Intelligence and Security has just published its report into proposed reforms of key pieces of National Security legislation. There’s a bunch of interesting stuff in there, but most of all, it includes one huge buck-pass over proposed mandatory data retention scheme. Looks like it’s finally dead after all.

  • Data Retention To ‘Treat Aussies Like Criminals’

    Are you an internet bad guy? Odds are, probably not. But the new “data retention for all Australians” plan aired by Attorney General Nicola Roxon yesterday is going to tar every Aussie internet user with the same brush as cybercriminals according to Greens Senator Scott Ludlam.