• Duff Beer Is Launching In Australia

    “Duff Beer for me! Duff Beer for you! I’ll have a Duff! You have one too!” That’s right, the once fictional beer of The Simpsons is now real, and it’s getting released in Australia exclusively.

  • Gift Guide: Boozy Gifts For Merry Drunkards

    Gift Guide: Boozy Gifts For Merry Drunkards

    Yup, some people love to drink. And people who really truly love getting ripped can always appreciate a gadget that make knocking one back a little easier. Here’s some loot your thirstiest pal would love to find stashed away in a stocking.

  • How To Start Your Own Brewery: Tips From A Pro

    Today is International Beer Day, and to celebrate, Gizmodo Australia is kicking its weekly booze column up a notch by introducing you to Andy Mitchell, a Master Brewer who works with the Australian-owned company Casella. Andy has been in the business for 32 years, has started five microbreweries in three different countries, and everything he…