census 2016

  • The Biggest Moments In Tech Of 2016

    Virtual reality finally arrived. Self-driving cars started wandering streets and past red lights. SpaceX aborted a rocket launch four times within a week. Samsung started strong with the Galaxy S7 and finished with the Note7 nuking itself into orbit while you slept. We had new graphics cards, and most of them were pretty damn good.…

  • ABS Says IBM Screwed Up The Census

    More details about exactly what lead to the Census website shutdown on 9 August have come to light — with The Australian Bureau of Statistics stating in a Senate inquiry IBM “failed to properly implement” geoblocking, leaving it wide open to denial of service attacks.

  • Census Update: What’s Going On?

    As you may have heard, the Census website has had a bit of a technical issue. The official report from the Australian Bureau of Statistics went from “overseas hackers” to a series of DDoS attacks (with some pinpointed to the US) made possible thanks to a geo-blocking failure and finally an overworked router calling it…