• National Telework Week Or National ‘No Pants Week’?

    One of the joys of being a contractor is the freedom to work from the comfort of your own home, or local cafe, or other random location, without having to commute to an office. And that sense of freedom is something that Comms minister Stephen Conroy was trying to teach to businesses as he announced…

  • Senator Conroy’s Toddler Tech Troubles Continue

    Last year, our broadband leader Senator Stephen Conroy confessed that his daughter had locked him out of his iPhone. It seems the younger Conroy is continuing to be a digital thorn in her father’s side, and has now taken to messing with his alarm clock.

  • Fight The Filter: The Summary

    There are only two more sleeps until we all hunch over our cardboard cubicles and scrawl numbers on a sheet of paper to determine who will lead the country for the next few years. And while the internet filter may not be as big a concern given the Coalition’s position on blocking any filter legislation,…