floppy disks

  • How Floppy Disks Work

    How Floppy Disks Work

    Video: No matter what the size — eight-inch, 5 1/4-inch, 3 1/2-inch — floppy disks are the most iconic symbols of old-school computing. But how do they actually work? The 8-Bit Guy spends 15 minutes breaking down what makes floppy disks so cool, despite being obsolete.

  • Too Bad You Can’t Copy Radiohead’s Floppy

    Too Bad You Can’t Copy Radiohead’s Floppy

    When it dropped, OK Computer sounded exactly like our computerised future. Never mind that Kid A better captured the clicks and whirs of life inside a server room, Radiohead’s third album was an instant classic that dropped just as we fully entered the digital age.