• 9 Inventors Who Were Killed by Their Own Inventions

    9 Inventors Who Were Killed by Their Own Inventions

    When most of us think of “inventors,” we’re probably thinking about folks like the Wright Brothers, Alexander Graham Bell, or Thomas Edison — folks who changed the world by creating something new and lived to tell the tale. What gets talked about less frequently are the folks that aren’t so lucky: the people that tried…

  • Meet The Man Who Invented Video Games

    Before Angry Birds, Call of Duty and Halo, there was Pong. And before that there was Tennis (cartridge 3) for the Magnavox Odyssey. And that machine was Ralph Baer’s baby. An inventor by trade, Baer developed the first working prototype, “the Brown Box”, in 1968. Just four years later, the Odyssey burst onto store shelves,…

  • The Man Who Wore A Maxi Pad And Changed The World

    Fast Company weaves an amazing story about Indian inventor Arunachalam Muruganantham, who lost his wife, friends, and, well, almost everything in his quest to build a better sanitary napkin by wearing one himself — along with a goat blood-filled bladder.