• Leica Now Makes $22,000 Watches, Too

    Leica Now Makes $22,000 Watches, Too

    For more than 150 years, Leica has made a name for itself producing binoculars, microscopes, rangefinders, cameras, and other devices with high-quality optical lenses, but for the first time ever, the German-based company is expanding into high-end timepieces. Unfortunately, the new L1 and L2 watches somehow make Leica’s cameras seem like a real bargain.

  • China Bans The Word ‘Leica’ On Social Media

    China Bans The Word ‘Leica’ On Social Media

    When a promotional video for German camera maker Leica hit the web this week, it looked like a bold statement about the hard work done by photojournalists around the world. But the company is now distancing itself from the 5-minute video after Chinese social media users cried foul and the word “Leica” was banned on…

  • The New Leica TL Is Another Touch-Powered Mirrorless Camera

    We fell in love with the slightly weird Leica T back in 2014, simultaneously enchanted and a little bit confused by its touchscreen-powered controls. As a shooter’s camera, as a Leica, it lived up to our expectations. Now, a few years on, there’s a new variant called the TL that changes a few small things.