lifehacker 101

  • The Lifehacker Total Security Guide

    Security is one of our perennial Lifehacker topics: as fast as technology advances, criminals find new ways to exploit it. Here are our 10 most popular guides to security, covering every aspect of your online life.

  • Top 10 Ways To Stay Secure On Social Networks

    Facebook and Twitter consume increasingly large chunks of our time, providing us with a public face to the world and accumulating personal data over time. Those benefits come with significant security risks, however. Make sure your social networking dream doesn’t turn into a nightmare by ensuring you follow good security practices.

  • Why Paying for Security Software Can Make Sense

    Not securing your computer at all isn’t an option: there are too many potential security threats, from losing personal data to bringing down your entire office infrastructure. Many of our readers favour free solutions, but in security there’s also a good case to be made for paying.