mwc 2013

  • How Your Smartphone Will Get Lytro-Like Superpowers

    As neat as they are, the Lytro camera’s re-focusing tricks aren’t going to convince most of us to replace our highly pocketable cameraphones. So a California company called DigitalOptics has found a way to give us the best of both worlds with a new ultra-thin sensor that promises Lytro-like tricks.

  • Breakfast Wrap: Best Of MWC, Day 0

    Samsung Galaxy S IV Confirmed: Coming March 14 If you’re in Australia, that converts to 10am AEDT on Friday, March 15. Nokia Lumia 520 And 720: Windows Phone For The Budget-Conscious They don’t even look like budget phones. LG Acquires webOS From HP To Power Smart TVs This is way better than LG trying to…