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  • Family First Has An Even Dumber Filter Policy Than Labor

    It seems likely that mandatory filtering Labor-style won’t survive as a policy no matter who gets elected, and that’s good news. But as detestable as Labor’s policy was, it could be much, much worse. Family First has an even more extreme proposal that includes making users pay directly for a compulsory filter.

  • Prepare Your Senate Vote Early With

    We’ve discussed the importance of your Senate vote here on Giz as part of our Fight the Filter campaign. And with less than three weeks until the election, now’s the time to start preparing your mind for who you want to vote for. Fortunately, there’s a website to help you understand voting below the line.

  • Why The Filter Won’t Work, A Technical Story

    The proposed filtering technique is based on exact HTTP URLs, not IP addresses nor domain names. URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) are the full address that you might type into your web browser’s address bar. For example: