• AI Might Not Be the Future of Fast Food Drive-Thru Lanes After All

    AI Might Not Be the Future of Fast Food Drive-Thru Lanes After All

    Many fast food restaurants have been experimenting with artificial intelligence in recent months, trying to figure out how best to use the evolving technology to drive sales and increase efficiency. Many restaurant chains have tested AI-assisted drive-thru lanes, but the recent struggles of one AI company illustrate the potential shortcomings of this model. Presto Automation…

  • Presto Is Proper Dead Now

    Here is a friendly public service announcement to remind you that on-demand streaming service Presto is now officially dead. Now’s the time for that “Hey Presto!…and it’s gone” joke. I promise you’ll never have to read that again.

  • Presto Is Dead

    The streaming video on demand game in Australia just got a little bit tighter. Australia’s third-placed streaming service Presto will be closed by January, after news that part owner Foxtel has bought out its joint venture with Seven West Media, with likely plans to move all subscribers onto Foxtel Play.

  • Foxtel Targeting Netflix Users With New Pricing (And Game Of Thrones)

    Could Foxtel actually be listening to its customers? News coming from the CEO Peter Tonagh today seems to be leaning in that direction, seriously. Foxtel’s subscription TV service, Foxtel Play, is getting a pricing makeover “designed to make it competitive” with rivals Netflix and Stan. Foxtel also signed a new long-term agreement with HBO starting…