• We Miss These Quirky Android Phone Experiments

    We Miss These Quirky Android Phone Experiments

    Being an Android user can be a clunky experience sometimes, but it can also open you up to a bunch of new device quirks you won’t find elsewhere. Whereas Apple chooses to put only features that match its sleek image on the iPhone, Android manufacturers have taken more risks in pursuing market share. It’s one…

  • The PSP Is Trying To Go Out With A Bang

    With the PlayStation Portable on the brink of total irrelevance in the US, Sony is beginning the process of putting its last bundles together, which for anyone who hasn’t yet got one and won’t be in the market for the upcoming NGP aren’t too bad a deal!

  • When Can Aussies Play The Xperia PLAY?

    The Xperia PLAY, previously known as the PlayStation Phone, made its debut at GDC this afternoon and will launch in the US towards the end of March, but what about the Australian release date? And what carriers will support it?