• You Can Buy Prepaid Recharge Vouchers Via NetBank Now

    NetBank is plenty nifty. Sure it’s had a few missteps, like the whole “do your banking with added Facebook” thing, but on the whole, I’m a fan. Pre-paid users are going to be happy with the latest offering, though: now you can buy Telstra, Optus and BigPond pre-paid recharge credit via NetBank.

  • Facebook Launching Groupon-Like Deals Today?

    Facebook’s believed to be opening the lid on Deals for the US today, which will bring Groupon-like offers and coupons like parts of Europe (and Canada) have seen. If you check out Facebook Deals’ site, it mentions that “Deals will be available soon in Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, San Diego and San Francisco.” Expect more details…

  • Businesses Need A Better Way Of Processing Groupon Coupons

    It’s something you may’ve noticed cashiers fumbling with in the past – those paper printouts you hand them when buying your cheap burrito/manicure/American Apparel leotard. So it’s understandable that Verifone wants to work with Groupon and retailers, making dedicated Groupon buttons for cash registers. [BusinessWeek via SlashGear]