3’s X-Series gives birth to new handsets

3%20%28X-Series%29.jpgThe least tempting thing about 3’s X-Series so far has been the handset range: for such an inspiring network concept, the handsets were what I like to call Minogues… as in Danni. Nice enough, but there are others you’d rather spend your time with. But NOW! Things are looking a little more Kylie…

The line up has now got some of the best smartphones around on board, with the Palm Treo 750, the RAZR V3xx, and ” my personal fave ” the DoPod 838Pro (I just loves me the side sliding full QWERTY smarties). Other current lust objects, the Nokia N95 and the LG Shine, get a “will be announced shortly” tag.

X-Series is hot. When they get Skype to do In/Out (they swear it is purely a software issue right now, not some block on over the air VoIP), it will be … more hot. Question is, can you handle it? Okay, the real question is, do you have the right reception? I can, and I do, so I do.