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  • The HTC One Finally Gets Its Android 4.2.2 Upgrade

    The HTC One Finally Gets Its Android 4.2.2 Upgrade

    After promising for ages, then delaying it and killing it off on other phones like the One S, HTC’s finally come through with an Android 4.2.2 update for the much-loved HTC One. What a cracking point update it is too, because HTC’s finally fixed one of the One’s biggest gripes.

  • Amaysim Phone Network Promises Amazing Prices (Using Optus’ Network)

    Mobile Virtual Network Operators are nothing new in Australia, but the newest one certainly seems to be offering a good deal. Amaysim (it’s supposed to be pronounced like “amazing”, apparently) has just launched in Australia, and promises contract-free connectivity with all national calls costing 15 cents per minute with no flagfall and SMS messages costing…

  • Virgin Launches Mobile Wi-Fi Modem

    Imagine this: you’re part of a highly trained squad of three former SAS soldiers on a mission critical to the survival of this country. We’re talking top secret. Classified. You get to the rendezvous point in a regional centre of NSW, pull out your military-grade laptop to connect to the Internet to perform your mission.…