Breakfast Wrap: Best of the Weekend


C’mon, you’re excited to be back to the grind for another week, right? Right! Just in case, here are a few distractions to help smooth your Monday morning.

Dell shows off new port tech for 4K displays.
Technically my brain struggles with 1080p as it is, but I still want it.

Velcro 2.0 will stick you to the roof.
Or let you go all Spidey? 8x the holding power anyways.

Vista haXors r00lz
Every Titanic has its iceberg, especially where copy-protection is the unsinkable.

Dell’s first flip screen tablet revealed.
Tablets are fun! Especially when they’re notebooks too.

Evil robot overlord ready to make you drink vinegar.
I want to buy their vinegar just to support their robotic mascot.

Ten cheap still cameras compared.
They’re not sub $150 Aussie dollars, but they’re still hot value in any currency.

Dean Kamen getting closer to making a Steve Austin.
How long until the first elective amputation in favour of cyborg goodness?

Don’t whiz on the plasma laser fence!
Instant shock therapy for thieves (who don’t know how to crawl).