Breakfast Wrap: Best of Thursday Night


If you can’t be bothered reading back over the entire nights feed yourself ” or have better things to do ” here’s the best of what’s been going on.

Another motion-sensing mod for Xbox 360.
Just because it is unsupported, it doesn’t mean it ain’t worth doing! OK, maybe it does…

Measure your water use in real time, on the tap.
If you saw the litres ticking down, would you be a bit more conscientious?

E-Ink company to update contrast, refresh rate, and size options.
I just want to have any option for an e-ink reader here in the local market!

Apple patents touch control on rear side of screen area.
Keep your grubby fingers off the screen, and still get touch control.

Gizmodo has a chat with the Woz.
And, oh yes, he talks about the iPhone.

Mozilla Firefox is heading to the mobile.
Not quite yet, but it is in the roadmap, and the good folks at APC scored the scoop.