Breakfast Wrap: Best of Tuesday Night


You need some fruit. Seriously. Go eat some fruit.

Local Forza 2 launch, with video of triple-screen racing action.
We posted this late yesterday, so thought we’d better flag it here at the top of the day. Forza’s support of triple the hardware definitely triples the pleasure.

Toshiba saying hello to AMD.
Everyone wins when all options become available.

Super Hi-Vision: Japan’s 4320p future.
So high-def, YOU start to look low res in the mirror.

Possible Thinkpad Reserve Edition?
2005 Lenovo concept design could be about to hit reality.

Fast, large solid state drives coming very, very soon.
Sure, they’ll cost you a limb, but 256GB drives at 60MB R/W are as ‘holy grail’ as grails get in this business.