CeBIT: D-Link gives your network the finger

The one that points it all in the right direction! Which finger did you think I meant?


A cool mix of gear on the D-Link stand here at CeBIT for those who want to tweak the hell out of their wireless networks. This omni will help shoot your network into the nastier reaches of your zone. It’s about 3x stronger than standard antennae. Like a bunker buster for Wi-Fi.

More gear for you wireless network nuts after the jump. 

Some network cameras to keep an eye on those thieves in your house. 

This one is a cracker. Extend your wireless in a straight line ” range of 10km. If you’re in rural Australia, this is what you want for shooting a signal off to the paddock beyond the back paddock. Or use it to connect your backyard shed at close range… and impress the hell out of your friends with its majesty.

Two more outdoor antennae below.