Coming soon! News on .au developments

A quick update on where things are at on the .au front, apart from obviously “still germinating”.

We are working on integrating US comments into the local feed, so you can keep an eye on what big brother readers are saying. It isn’t a simple task, and it will be a separate stream to our local comment area, but you’ve asked, so we’re working on bringing it to ya.

We’ll soon have a marker on each entry to make it obvious that something is from the feed or a local posting, so then all the issues of price, temp and season variations will be simple to spot.

As we get things running smoothly on the back end, we will start doing more work on following up on local news related to the big news off the feed. Product pricing, release timings, etc. Just like you, we want to know when we’ll see stuff in Australia, so chasing this news up is set to become a big part of the deal here.

And, of course, comps, deals, polls, and more news will be coming very soon now to the local edition. Comps very, very soon, so keep ’em peeled.

UPDATE: Oh, and we are also starting to pull almost everything from the US edition. Where the news is very US centric, we are dropping the content below the jump, so those who want to see it can still spot the headlines and read on if they wish.