HIA 07: Crazy toilets invade Australia

hia-toilets01.jpgWe hear about lots of crazy toilets around here, but rarely do we get to see them in the flesh in Australia. But down at the HIA Home Show 2007 we found out the Royalet super seats is available to make your bum a more hygienic place!

The seat installs onto your standard toilet, and gives you all the functions your rectum has been weeping for needs (too early on a Monday for that imagery). Washing, heating, deodorising, massaging, drying… you even set the water and seat temp. Good times await.

As much as the local wholesaler offered to let us sell you these seats through our site (seriously, they really did), we’d rather put you in touch with real toilet aficionados. Go check out everything you need to know right here. Prices from $690 for the Excellence, to $1275 for the Elite Aromatic. Mmmm, so fragrant.

A close up of the control console and even a spot of video after the jump.