HIA 07: Diamond bling Philips TV, obscenely tasteful?


Got a spare quarter mil for this one-of-a-kind Ambilight TV? 2,250 diamonds (weighing in at 225 carats) are on board this 42-inch screen, adding some sparkle to those moody LEDs around the border. Philips made this to mark the manufacture of their millionth Ambilight TV. Better than throwing a piss up, though dropping six figures on a party would have been some shindig.

Kudos to Philips for sending it down under at the start of its world tour. Oh yeah, it’s been doing the rounds since CES. Whoops. At year’s end it will be sold off for charity, so save your pennies until then and place a cheeky bid when it comes around. Mid six figures should do the trick!

And it is guarded 24-7, folks, so you can drop THAT idea right there.

Close up of the top diamond corner, and we’ll hopefully have an update shortly that will add in a pic of former Miss Universe Australia Erin McNaught, so stay tuned.

UPDATE: And BINGO was its name-o! The other shot of the Ambilight has been relegated to below the drop.