iTunes Australia selling DRM-free tracks at $2.19


So we have indeed seen a worldwide launch – that actually includes us – from Apple on the DRM-free EMI tracks, and local pricing on these 256kbps AAC files is…


Great to see we’ve got it, but that price differential again stretches out just too far for me to want to pay it. Album pricing is $22.09 (haven’t seen it directly, but that’s based on their $5.10 upgrade price for previously purchased albums) Oh yeah, forgot that albums work differently, and so far I’m seeing iTunes Plus options from $17.99 to $20.99, and you do have to pay about $5.10 “for most albums” to upgrade them. I can (still) go and buy ANY album I want on CD for a lot less than that price.

More than ever I’m inclined to go buy discs, and rip them in the format of my choice. But I do appreciate us getting the choice, so cheers for that.