Panasonic 103-inch plasma smashed at CeBIT Sydney


You’d better sit down…

It’s with a heavy heart we share the awful news that one of Panasonic’s magnificent 103-inch plasma screens died during bump out at CeBIT Sydney.

We actually first heard this news a few weeks ago (tip of the hat to hazchem), but without more sources we let it lie as unsupported rumour (at the time, Panasonic didn’t give us a confirm when we followed it up). Now with a fresh tip from a separate source, we’re in no doubt the screen is dead, and now Panasonic has confirmed to Gizmodo that the screen is indeed pining for the fjords.

At the conclusion of CeBIT while Panasonic was bumping out the 103-inch Plasma, when lifted using a forklift the Plasma fell and was irreparably damaged. The Plasma was fully insured and Panasonic has other exhibition units.

Rest In Peace, beautiful giant plasma. You know what they say, the candle screen that burns twice as bright…